Do you like paying less for luxury? If so, these products from our sister company, Joyaplenty, will help you do just that! 

These same high quality trays sell for $70 with a custom insert. 

When you purchase your own tray for half that, you'll get access to my simple video training on how to create your own custom inserts as a free bonus.

It's perfect for kids, too.

Slip in special photos, quotes, or collages that you print at home on letter paper. One customer sends her kid's artwork for inserts to keep her mom connected to her children. This tray is perfect for organizing remotes, dog leashes, your daily jewelry, toothbrushes, bedside items, barware and olive oils. 

Slip in a team logo or fishing photo for all the hard to shop for men in your life. Think bridesmaids, newlyweds, guestroom, photographers, artists, graduates, and your best friend. Every person you know will love to get this tray that you easily customize just for them with a cherished photo, personalized message, or favorite quote for a fraction of the usual cost of a custom tray

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Do you like smooth and healthy skin without the spa price tag? 

That's what you'll get with these fabulous exfoliating mitts I found. 

They're inspired by the ancient Turkish baths that were known to promote vitality and good health

You'll get a delightful little 100% cocoon silk face mitt that does an amazing job with gentle facial exfoliating as a free bonus, while supplies last only. 

Do you want tips for increasing your wealth in all areas of your finances? 

That's what you'll get in my book, at a fraction of my coaching fee.

As a free bonus when you purchase my book, you'll also get online access to handouts and wealth creation templates that I created for my own personal use, and for my VIP clients.

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Are you hooked on essential oils?

I began replacing often toxic fragrance chemicals with oils in my bath, the clothes dryer, the dog beds, and in my kitchen. 

Now my boys love them for stuffy heads (eucalyptus) and a good night's sleep (lavender). Oils are nontoxic and long lasting. I got these little bags made to keep my oils organized around the house. 

Order now to get this bonus 3 bottle essential oil case that fits right into your purse or travel bag.

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