The Forbes 400 Didn’t Get There By Investing

Forbes 400

Who do you know that’s rich? Seriously, who comes to mind when you think of a wealthy person? Richard Branson? Oprah Winfrey? Bill Gates? Warren Buffett? The Walton heirs? Mark Zuckerberg? Steve Jobs family? Take a minute to scroll through the Forbes 400 list that you can see by clicking here. Is there anyone on the list that got rich by earning … [Read more...]

Mother and Daughter Entrepreneurs

Mother and daughter entrepreneurs

Mothers, grandmothers,aunts and all women: Read this article from TimesFreePress and be inspired! Here's my favorite part about this mother and daughter entrepreneur success story: "At that time (2007), I had read an article in the Wall Street Journal that said only 12 CEOs leading the Fortune 500 were women. I started to think about my daughters," says Renee. "If such a … [Read more...]

Financial Solutions: $500,000 and No Work!

Country house in Brittany, France

When looking for financial solutions to grow money, most people don’t think about their home as a potential wealth building strategy. In fact, sometimes your home can feel like a money pit! But by buying and selling smart, savvy couples can accumulate tax free wealth of $500,000…repeat…$500,000 (and that’s half a million dollars) in as little as 2 years. Are you a savvy … [Read more...]

5 Gut Wrenching Life Changing Epiphanies for 2013

Rich Life Experiences

Don’t you love those life changing “aha” insights? It’s those occasional moments when we really “get it” that lead to the gut wrenching commitments to action that are the catalysts for a truly rich life. Despite the sleepies that accompany winter solstice, it seems that January particularly welcomes such action provoking thoughts with the anticipation of good things to come in … [Read more...]

What’s Your Next Step?


Sometimes the thought of creating a savings and investment plan to reach your financial goals can seem completely overwhelming. There are five steps to Make a Rich Life at Financial Woman. Your money is just like other areas in your life; the best way to create the outcome you want is to focus your energy on one step at a time. Victory from that one step propels you to take … [Read more...]