Let’s Keep Things Simple

Recently I wrote a post with 6 tips for getting good investment advice from financial experts and media. For every financial expert opinion, there’s an opposite opinion, commonly within the same business news segment. This can be very confusing, even to someone who is proactive with her personal finances. The first tip I shared is realizing that projected investment returns … [Read more...]

Are You a Leader of your Money?

As women, we are often leaders in many areas in our lives, including home care, children, and aging parents. Each of these categories has other sub-categories, such as food planning, shopping and preparation, home decorating and maintenance, along with numerous other areas. I hear from some women that they just don’t have time to be involved with growing their money. I would … [Read more...]

What’s a Girl To Do?

stock investment

What’s a girl to do? We want to grow our money, but the traditional mode of investing, the stock market, has just not been cooperating with our financial goals, at least for long term investors. Over the weekend, I read a great article in Barron’s by Michael Santoni. Here are a few highlights: The stock market is struggling to stay above a level it first reached almost 13 … [Read more...]

Are You A Savvy Smart Spender?

U.S. Coins and Paper Money

Financial Woman has an exciting new area focusing on creating more cash flow with savvy smart style. Increasingly, I am hearing from women that are concerned about their financial future, yet, they’re unsure what steps to take on a daily basis to start growing their money. Step 1 is increasing cash flow… As you’ve no doubt previously read at Financial Woman, cash flow is … [Read more...]

Join the Earn Grow Give Movement!


This week I am working furiously on the Earn Grow Give Movement promoting my personal finance book for women, Earn Grow Give; Simple Steps to Grow Your Money While Creating a Rich Life. I was thinking it would be nice to do an Amazon book launch. Then I suddenly awoke one morning with the thought that it would be nice to include a charitable component in the month that … [Read more...]