Financial Goals: If You Don’t Do Anything Else, Do This…

?????????????????????????January is the perfect month for an update to your financial goals. Aside from the fact that it’s probably blustery outside, creating the perfect chance to hunker down with a hot cup of tea and your cherished wealth journal, you probably have year end numbers at your fingertips.

Besides, the energy of a new year naturally breeds enthusiasm for taking chances and making leaps for creating that rich life that you know can have; a life where you know what you want, and are taking steps to get it while enjoying yourself along the way because you are clear, focused and happy.

Here is an empowering step for you to take today:

See where you are right now; list what you own, less what you owe. The difference is your net worth.

Yearend provides the perfect foundation to measure progress for the rest of the year….and the next, and the next.

Then compare where you are right now to where you were last year. Write these numbers in your wealth journal.

What’s the difference?

Do you have more money or less money?


The why is tricky. The first why that comes to your mind is probably not the real why. The real why takes some digging to get to.

The best way to do this is by asking why again until you get to the real reason…you’ll know you’re at the final why when the reason makes you want to cry or scream.

And each time you’ll get a bigger and better why than the reason before if you stick with this.

Some first “why’s” look may like this:

I was too busy to see if I was making more than I was spending.

I wasn’t sure how to find a financial advisor and begin investing.

I meant to start a consulting business to increase income but I wasn’t sure which area of expertise to consult clients in.

I was going to take the Financial Woman Build Wealth course in the summer to get the foundation in place to grow money but it was at a time I couldn’t attend…(The entire program was recorded so anyone could participate :-D -okay this is a trick reason, sort of…)

I am operating my life under ancestral invalid money beliefs that ______________.

Or maybe your net worth has increased and your financial goals are right on track…or better. In that case, your why may like this:

I increased income by $2,000 month from starting a consulting business.

I started spending on what I really want in my life, not out of habit or weird head stuff.

I learned how to invest and had a great year.

I decided to hire a financial advisor and I see that she has gotten great results.

I realized that I was subconsciously sabotaging my financial security by avoiding growing my money so I totally created new money habits that are empowering.

I got clear on what I want in my life and I created financial goals to make it happen.

Those later why’s lead you straight to the head stuff around your money. First, the reasons may be excuses, but the next set of why’s lead to the discovery that these excuses usually stem from dated and invalid money beliefs that need to be cleared from your subconscious mind. Dumping them can be as simple as recognizing them, sometimes with the help of a money coach, and then choosing to change habits.

What’s your why for the past year for where you are now with your life and financial goals?  


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  1. Carolyn Whiters says

    I look forward to working with you. I have been looking for a financial advisor to help me with changing my relationship with money. I am a spender and I never think about putting money aside for a rainy day. I want to change these bad habit and I’m excited because you have shown me the light. The way you put it, is easy for me to grasp. I get what you’re saying on this website. I have finally found the direction I so desperately needed. Thank you

    • Camille Gaines says

      Carolyn, Thank you so much. I’m glad you found it helpful. You may want to download my Solutions for the Biggest Money Mistakes Women Make. Best, Camille

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