Help promote financial education for women with me! I partner with businesses and brands in the areas of finance, business, tech, style, lifestyle, retirement and more. 

Opportunities include you sponsoring interviews, infographics, videos, blog posts, and social media posts on, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest.  

Independent financial advisor or Small Business without a writer or social media strategy in place? Perfect! My team and I do all the work. 

Business Consultant

A decade of online publishing and website experience led to my services as a consultant and content strategist for others seeking to reach their desired audience. I have helped small businesses and professionals across various sectors, including doctors, executives exiting corporate, financial advisors, products companies, and other financial services brands share their message around the globe via high value social media outlets with both articles and video. 

Presenter and Speaker

I have been a speaker at the Texas Conference for Women, Texas Women in Business, Texas State Entrepreneur Program (VC Pitch) and more. I have also spoken at numerous virtual events. My presentations are inspiring, motivating, and I have even been accused of making financial education interesting and engaging.  

 Contact me for a sponsorship opportunities, a Thought Leader around women and money for your brand, a speaker at your event or help with your online content strategy by calling 86six-858-nine023 or emailing Camille@financialwomandotcom. 

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