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How To Work with a Financial Adviser and Keep Your Money Power

Do you work with a financial adviser? Hiring a financial adviser can make you feel like “Ok; whew! That’s done! Now I can stop thinking or worrying about my money.” Let me ask you this: Would you hire someone to remodel your home, and then never go to see how it looks during the remodeling process? Or … Continue Reading

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Mother and daughter entrepreneurs

Mother and Daughter Entrepreneurs

Mothers, grandmothers,aunts and all women: Read this article from TimesFreePress and be inspired! Here's my favorite part about this mother and daughter entrepreneur success story: "At that time (2007), I had … Continue Reading

financial planning tips for millionaires

Millionaire Financial Planning Tips

This article from Investor's Business Daily has some good financial planning tips geared toward millionaires. The one thing I would add is that tax smart additional income streams can be created by individuals who … Continue Reading